Thursday, September 16, 2010

Change requires less talk, more action

Today I decided to send President Obama a message. I don't know if my voice will actually make a difference, but I do know that if I don't use it, it never will. And that got me to many of us just stand by watching things happen because we don't think our voices will be heard?

It's time we put an end to that mindset and start shifting towards action.

Shifting towards change.

It's the reason I was excited about Obama becoming President and it is also the reason I decided to contact him today. Change requires action and I was extremely disappointed when Obama's administration recently displayed a big lack of action.

In case you're not aware of, they are an international organization focusing on inspiring people to find solutions to our climate change crisis. They are called 350, because that is the parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere that scientists believe is the safe limit for humanity. Whether you agree with them on that number or not, if you believe in the need for change and action with regards to our environment, you should support

Which leads me back to my letter to President Obama...On 10/10/10 is organizing a global work party, a day to get to work on something that will help deal with global warming. Over 150 countries are participating with everything from planting trees to fixing bicycles to putting up solar panels, a task the President of the Maldives graciously took on and our President declined.

Yes, that's right, "our President declined." U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon encourages "everyone to do his or her part to be part of the solution to the climate challenge," President Nasheed is getting on his roof to install solar panels, but President Obama turned down the FREE solar panels offered to the White House by Bill McKibben and

The solar panels offered to the White House were solar panels that had been on the White House roof when Carter was President. They were a perfect way for Obama and his White House to stop talking change and start making change....and they turned them down. Thousands, no, millions of people are taking action and creating change on 10/10/10, but President Obama will continue deliberating. Deliberation is good, but there really is no more time for deliberation and there is no need for deliberation, it is time to set an example and embrace clean energy.

And that is exactly what I wrote President Obama tonight. I don't think he'll read my letter. I don't even know if anyone will read it, but if anything I will be counted amongst the "people writing about climate change, energy and the environment." And if enough of us write and if that group becomes large enough, then they will have no choice but to listen to us.

I will also be part of the 10/10/10 work party, not just because we need change, but because I want change and I've learned that change doesn't happen if I stand by watching.

Change starts with me. Change starts with you.

Please check out the global work party and find an event near you. There are thousands of events in over 150 countries, so I'm pretty sure you can find one in your area.

And don't just stop there, write President Obama, write your senators, get involved in your local community. Don't just sit around and wait for change. Be change.

Ideas on how to start change locally:
*Climate change is our big issue, sustainability is the solution!
*Write your senators on issues that are important to you. Many organizations (like the ones I mention below) will send you information about things going on and provide simple ways for you to take action and have your voice heard.
*You can also friend/like/support a lot of them on facebook.
*Change your power source to wind power or another clean energy source (many companies offer this for only a few dollars more per month)
*Donate time or money to a local or global organization like Greenpeace, Wildlife Conservation Network, Brita Climate Ride, *Slow Food USA, local Land Trusts, Energy programs and Sustainability Offices
*Get out of your car and ride your bike!
*Know what you eat. Purchase local and organic
*Support local small businesses
*Plant your own garden with your kids, neighbors or some friends
*Volunteer at a local farm
*Volunteer at or start a local community garden
*Educate yourself!

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