Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly we've all heard, if not been part of, the climate change debate. Humans are causing it, scientists are making it up, it's not happening at all, it's happening but it's not because of humans, it's real and reaching irreversible points, it's a total hoax, I've heard it all. My first question to skeptics is, why would we be making up all this stuff? Do you really think it's a global marketing hoax?

I've watched 11th Hour and Home, I've talked to experts, I've seen pictures, I've felt the changes humans are causing...but okay, lets for a second completely forget about climate change and let's look at some other reasons it is beneficial, and absolutely necessary, to switch to a greener, cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle.

Humans may not be the cause of climate change, but here's what we are doing:
1. We are causing irreversible destruction of the earth, our greatest resource.
2. We are engaging in unsustainable use of our resources (food, land, air, water).
3. We are causing obesity and a plethora of diseases by over-processing our foods.
4. We are causing massive amounts of pollution: overflowing landfills, floating landfills and widespread air pollution which is causing and exacerbating many diseases.

Shouldn't we change our ways so that future generations can enjoy the same benefits we have? Don't you want your family and their kids and their kids to live happy, healthy lives? You might not care if the planet gets a few degrees warmer or if the oceans rise a few feet, but you should care about the increasing health risks we expose ourselves to and the dwindling food, water and clean air supply.

So let's agree to disagree on climate change, but what about self-destruction?

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